Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The American Way to Beat a Rug

In Romania, rug-beating is a national pastime. I suspect if an American's rug gets as dusty as rugs get here in Bucharest we would just toss them and buy another. Nonetheless, the Barbusca family was ready to give it a shot.

We had just bought a rug from a family who was leaving Bucharest. So our old living room rug was expendable. Or so I thought. Chrissy had other plans.

"Lets take it downstairs and beat it," Chrissy said.

"With what?" I said. " We don't have one of those Romanian rug-beating things."

So what do you beat a rug with if you don't have the proper tool? An undersized aluminum baseball bat! We took turns beating that thing while clouds of toxic dust rose from the rug. The dust just kept coming. The kids had a blast (literally) and at one point, we weren't sure it was an item that we wanted to put back in our apartment.

At last a Romanian neighbor came by laughing and said in his best English, "So that's how Americans beat their rugs!"

I guess so.

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