Saturday, October 4, 2008

Peppers For Sale! Free Dacia (that's a car)

We saw this car on the way home from church last week. Tony stopped the van so Chrissy could take a picture, only to find out that the driver was sitting inside reading a magazine.

Looks like he might be on his way home for his wife or mother-in-law to make zacusca, the pepper-and-eggplant spread everyone in Romania makes this time of year. (See our September newsletter for more on that...)

Soon it will be cabbage season, and we'll see Dacias like this one similarly loaded down with varza. We're just happy that apple season is also starting. Homemade apple pie, apple cake, applesauce, baked apple French toast (thank you, Kathryn Greenley!)...yummmmmmm.

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