Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coolest Vending Machine Idea

In Bucharest, everything except McDonald's and a few gas stations is closed on New Year's Day. So feeling a bit like we just needed to get out of the apartment, we packed the kids into the van and went driving around town. It's amazing how much smaller the city seems when there is no traffic!

A few months ago, we had seen this vending machine at a gas station near school and wondered if it could possibly be for real. So with camera in hand, we took advantage of a day with nothing to do and tried the Just Fries vending machine. The fries actually came out hot and tasty! Wow!

Of course, this is Romania, so the gas station attendant came out and growled at me not to take pictures. (I might steal their idea and build my own? Or perhaps I'm studying it so I can turn it into a bomb?) But still, it was a cool experience - and one I will undoubtedly repeat, maybe even with the camera for the full effect. :)


kingzkiidinromania said...

you know getting yelled at is what made this experience complete right? ;)

Mike and Kris York said...

I've always wondered how they tasted! Very interesting!!

todd long said...

....fry machines are, in reality, nuclear and strategic defense installations!