Friday, January 9, 2009

Site of the Week 2: Pageonce

Since I live in Bucharest I'm always looking for ways to save time (if you don't know why you've never been to Bucharest). This weeks entry for the site of the week saves me lots of time. At first glance Pageonce looks like another start page, but it is a lot more. It is actually like a personal assistant where you can add your online accounts and access them all from one place with one secure password.

You can add banking/billpay sites, social networking sites, even add your Netflix or frequent flyer account site. There are tons of sites that you can add. When you do you just access your Pageonce site to see them all in one place.

I added all of my email accounts also so I can see my gmail, hotmail, and yahoo accounts all at once. I even added my Vonage account and my ebay account. This site saves me a lot of time.

You can check the site out to see more reviews. It was even recommended on a CNN spot about internet security. So check it out and enjoy.

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