Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What He Likes Best About School

After lunch today, Tony sat with the two visiting fund-raising coaches to give them his input and the story of our time in Bucharest. As part of BCA's big push toward owning a building, these men are doing an in-depth feasibility study to see what the school's next steps ought to be.

"We went back to the U.S. for a few years after my first son, Marco, was born," Tony told them.

"Wait," said one. "So Marco is your son?"

Tony nodded. The two men smiled at each other and chuckled. Then they told this story.

Earlier this morning, they had met with selected elementary students to get their take on BCA. Unknown to either of us, Marco was in that focus group.

The men asked the students what they liked most about BCA. Marco piped up.

"I like taking tests!" he said.

"You do?" one of the men asked.

"Oh, yeah," Marco continued, "especially the hard ones. I like ancient history best."

Go get 'em, son.

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The Langs said...

That sounds like Miriam when I asked her what she missed about school during Christmas break and she was ready to get back to timed math tests and spelling tests. Not quite ancient history, but along the same lines. That's awesome!